If you live among humans then you know a Christmas hater. Actually no… what I’m trying to say is you know a Cynic.

Cynic (n) – a person who believes that only selfishness motivates human actions and who disbelieves in or minimizes selfless acts or disinterested points of view. (Dictionary.com)

At Christmas, the Cynic likes to talk about how big-business has warped the holiday into a product of consumerism and/or how Christianity has appropriated older traditions for their own devilish purposes and/or how children today don’t appreciate their gifts like ‘back in the day’.

I like the Cynic. The Cynic challenges us. They tend to take a low grumble and turn it into a public outcry. Nowadays, social networks are the platform de préférence so even uninterested people get exposed to how ‘broken’ the holiday has become.

Some people have a great time at Christmas and others hate it. What I’m saying is that it’s different for everyone.

I feel like whatever your view of it is this particular year… it’s still essentially a cultural tradition who’s packaging may have changed but who’s core is just as important today as it was when it was celebrated as the ‘Winter Solstice’ or ‘Saturnalia’.

It’s an ooooold holiday. So if it’s become so ‘broken’ then why exactly do we keep coming back to it?

Christmas is an opportunity to challenge and ultimately fix yourself.


If you don’t like Christmas because you don’t like spending time with family… then Christmas isn’t the problem. Your relationship with your family is.

If you don’t like Christmas because it comes with the race and pressure to find the ‘perfect’ gift/food/outfit/significant other to bring to the office party… then Christmas isn’t the problem. Your relationship with society is.

If you don’t like Christmas because it brings sad memories of happier times or because all you can think of are the extra weight you’ll inevitably put on… then Christmas isn’t the problem. Your relationship with yourself is.

What happens is that Christmas puts you in an uncomfortable situation where you have to confront that and challenge yourself. If you ask yourself the right questions, you’ll realize there’s something that needs to be fixed.

I don’t know what you need to fix. And you don’t know what I need to fix. That’s for each of us to figure out.


So yeah, Christmas can suck… if you let it.


For some people it’s even the worst holiday ever.

The beauty of Christmas is that you can’t avoid it. Why? Because passing time is the only thing that’s completely fair and equal for everyone, and science hasn’t found a way to put you on hold for the entire month of December.

Sure, anything you don’t like about Christmas can be avoided… but you’ll know you’re avoiding it. Going to a deserted island will get you away from family, society and help you shut that annoying little voice that you don’t like to hear… but you’ll still know something’s wrong BECAUSE you’re making an effort to get out of it.


Christmas is a date with yourself that you can’t get out of. You can use it to elevate yourself or hate it and face it next year.

Plus it’s all wrapped up in glitter, gifts, drinks and lazy mornings. So you’re most likely confronting yourself and you don’t even know it. Even more convenient is that fact that it’s followed by New Year’s and – oh wait – RESOLUTIONS.

So please, stop trying to ‘fix’ Christmas… Au contraire, it’s absolutely perfect the way it is. Why? Because the real gift at Christmas is Christmas itself.



My name is Sophie and I am on a personal quest to sophistication. I've traveled extensively, from Kentucky's Bourbon distilleries to Mozart's native Salzburg. I've interviewed hundreds of people, both in my native French and in English, from all horizons. Join me on my quest as I seek to inspire, challenge and ultimately elevate myself.

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