Simple Edgy & Chic Ensemble

One statement piece is all you need. source –

I love a look that spells sophisticated while seeming effortless. This sleeveless piece has a riding coat finish and works because it is worn with all black.

Pairing it with an oversized handbag and edgy sunglasses shows the look is soigné but not extravagant.

When going for statement pieces like this keep away from busy patterns or bright colours which will inevitably carry you from effortless sophistiqué to look-at-me loud.

Elegance is not to be noticed, but to be remembered. – Giorgio Armani



My name is Sophie and I am on a personal quest to sophistication. I've traveled extensively, from Kentucky's Bourbon distilleries to Mozart's native Salzburg. I've interviewed hundreds of people, both in my native French and in English, from all horizons. Join me on my quest as I seek to inspire, challenge and ultimately elevate myself.

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